Brother ADS-1500W Driver Scanner Downloads – Mac, Windows, Linux

Brother ADS-1500W Driver Scanner Downloads

Brother ADS-1500W Driver Scanner Downloads - Mac, Windows, Linux
Brother ADS-1500W

Brother ADS-1500W Wireless Setup, Airprint Setup, Wifi Setup, Scanner & Driver Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Xp and Manual Installation– Brother ADS-1500W is a compact document scanner. This scanner is very useful for small companies that often use scanners and cannot afford to buy scanners in large sizes. ADS-1500W Brother has some interesting features that we can make into consideration.

Brother ADS-1500W has wireless features. With this feature, we can easily set settings or scanning from far away. ADS-1500W has a duplex and web connectivity features. With this feature, we can scan a paper that has 2 sides pages. This scanning feature is also supported by scanning speed of Brother ADS-1500W which can scan up to 18 pages per minute either for one page, 2 page, B / W paper or color paper. 
ADS-1500W build in 2.7 “color touchscreen LCD there are customizable shortcut features; you do not have to bother repeatedly set the scan settings as we want because the shortcut settings that we use already exist on the LCD screen. Using LCD feature you can also access the cloud application such as google drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Flickr, or Facebook, etc.
Using ADS-1500W you can easily be scanning business and embossed plastic, photo, or receipt etc. using “scan-to” feature you can set your own scan location wherever you want, you can save it on USB, email, Network, Cloud application, and also to your mobile device using the scan app. ADS-1500W has equipped with PDFconversion software, you can directly change your scan results into pdf files. ADS-1500W also go with advanced scanning features such as blank page removal, auto image rotation, and background removal. Brother ADS-1500W can be compatible with Windows, Mac, and 
Description: Brother ADS-1500W overview and advanced features are very useful for small companies.

How to Installations Brother ADS-1500W Printer Driver For Windows

  • The insert CD driver to your computer, CD room/ your laptop, if doesn’t have CD driver please download the driver above.
  • Download driver to file ZIP/RAR.
  • If it has downloaded then file extract.
  • Choose Start, choose MFL-Pro SUITE, Choose the language that it wants.
  • Follow the next step until the installation process finishing.

How to Installations Brother ADS-1500W Printer Driver For Mac

  • Directly connect the printer using the USB cable.
  • Turn the printer on.
  • On the computer, launch the System Preferences on the Menu.
  • Click on Printers & Scanners
  • See if the printer is listed.
  • Click Add.
  • Access Printers & Scanners again.
  • Select your printer. (Brother)
  • Your printer’s information appears on the right area.
  • Select Open Print Queue.
  • Select Printer.
  • Select Print Test Page.
  • If it’s okay, you may use the printer now.

How to Installations Brother ADS-1500W Printer Driver for Linux

  • Run the computer & run the CUPS.
  • Visit the web-based interface.
  • Open a browser and navigate to localhost: 631.
  • Connect the printer.
  • On the browser, go to Administration tab & then choose Printers.
  • Select Add Printer.
  • Enter username & password.
  • Your printer (Brother) should be on the list displayed. Choose it & press Continue.
  • CUPS detect & add the printer.
  • The configuration window will pop up, fill values as needed.
  • The printer is ready to use.

Note: When doing the installations, the printer must be connected to PC or your laptop, so that the process installations could be done.

How to Setup Wireless on Brother ADS-1500W Printer

1. Factory Reset

  • Press the button “menu” for your printer machine.
  • Use the button above under for searching menu “Network”.
  • After that press the button “OK”.
  • Choose “Factory Reset”, then press the button “OK”.
  • Press the number “1” (if your printer there is fax button if nothing looks at the direction of the screen), the machine will search automatic for the network.

2. Setup wizard for the switch on wireless

  • Press the button “Menu” then use the button above under search menu “network”, then press button “OK”.
  • Choose menu “WLAN”, then press button “OK”.
  • Choose menu ” Setup wizard” then wait for a while the machine will search SSID, if search SSID has finished, press the button “Clear/Back”.
  • Wifi icon will appear screen above.

Setting on Computer

  • Insert CD driver.
  • Choose the language which it wants.
  • Choose menu ”installation”.
  • Then Choose “Install MFL-Pro Suite”.
  • Choose Yes and wait for awhile.
  • Choose “Wireless Network Connection”.
  • Cross all options and choose the next more.
  • If your wifi detects options printer chooses it and next until appearing the message & it must be restart.
  • If your wifi doesn’t detect,  choose the second options that specify your machine by Address.
  • Then you refill IP address which has in printer bracket.
  • How to check IP address in printer, choose menu – Network – WLAN – TCP/IP – IP address.
  • It has been done, the computer will process immediately, until has message “Brother Registration” if it has then, choose the next and restart.

Setting On Wireless Network Connection

  • For PC/ notebook search wireless network connections.
  • After that, choose “setup” through choosing a wireless network.
  • Choose connections.
  • Choose also “Connect Anyway” and wait for awhile.
  • Wait for awhile until wireless connected.

NB: How to setting for the type printer brother through the wireless system.

Compatible Operating System (OS)

Windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista, windows XP, mac os 10.12, os x 10.11, mac os x 10.10, os x 10.9, mac os x 10.8, os x 10.7, mac os x 10.6, os x 10.5, mac os x 10.4, os x 10.3, mac os x 10.2, os 9.x, linux rpm, linux deb, windows phone, android, iOS.

Brother ADS-1500W Driver Download – Windows, Mac, Linux

System Operation Download
Brother ADS-1500W Driver & Software
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Brother ADS-1500W Driver & Software
Mac OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.7
Brother ADS-1500W Driver & Software
MacOS (10.13), MacOS (10.12)
Brother ADS-1500W Scanner & Software
Linux (RPM), Linux (deb)
Brother ADS-1500W Driver Download From Brother Official Click Here

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